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Welcome to Year 3 and 4

Years 3 and 4 have had a great Autumn term so far. We have been doing all sorts of learning to do with our topics Problem Pollution and Animals and their habitats (Year 4) and The Stone Age (Year 3)

News and events

Year 4 had a fantastic DT day creating their own catapult cars!

Year 3 really enjoyed our visit from the Chineke Orchestra this term!

Year 4 visited Sutcliffe Park, investigating both natural and man made habitats.

Our classrooms:

What have we learnt so far this term?

In the Stone age people only could use socks. They would hit them and use them for different things. They used flint to make fires and even used rocks to help clean their clothes.
Korede- Fire Crow Class

People from the Stone age and no farms like we do now. Instead, they had to find their own food, hunting animals to eat. They would have to stay very fit!
James -  Fire Crow Class

People in the Stone age lived on eating berries and hunting. They stayed in dwellings and moved around a lot, not like we live now.
Mia- Patterson Class

Flint was broken into sharp points using stone. Hunters would then use this to make a spear. They would also use rope to use this spear to fish. Also, they ate the marrow from bones.
Christopher- Patterson Class 

I have learnt that pollution is not good for our environment. It hurts creatures in the sea. it is important that we recycle more to help our planet!
Oyinade- Rivera Class

When we classified different animals in Science we grouped them based on their physical traits and characteristics. We grouped them into different classification charts and Venn diagrams.
Freddie- Rivera Class

We should make plastic more recyclable (as some are only one time use) and make sure it doesn't go into the ocean. Sea creatur
es can eat it or get stuck in it. This can cause them to die.
Eva - Lennox Class

We have learnt about different animals habitats. On our trip we looked at man made habitats that are being created to help animals survive in different environments, like the city we live in (because of pollution).
Zselyke - Lennox Class